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The Coffee Show by Barend Boot and Dirk Jan Stip

The Coffee Show with Dirk-Jan Stip and Barend Boot

In 2023, The Coffee Show was performed in various theaters and coffee bars. In 2024, Barend and Dirk Jan will continue with The Coffee Show! If you are interested or have a venue, please
contact them or email

De Koffie Show is a combination of a lecture about coffee, a tasting of special coffees and a theater part with songs and stories about coffee. Dirk-Jan Stip of Corazon Amersfoort is the storyteller, Barend Boot (Boot Koffie) provides delicious listening songs. The lecture with music is intended for anyone who loves coffee, and would like to learn more about it.

' Visitors describe it as 'heartwarming, informative and informative, surprisingly versatile and absolutely new. '

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