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About us

From coffee farmer to you

Since 1973 we have been working every day on beautiful coffees. It is a passion, but perhaps also an addiction, to ensure that the best quality ends up in your cup. We strive for excellence and craftsmanship and believe that you can taste this in every cup of coffee: BOOT Koffie wants to enchant you with the taste and aroma of traditionally roasted quality coffee. But equally important to us is that the coffee farmers receive an honest, good price. That is why we import as much as possible on a one-to-one basis from Direct Trade. In this way, the farmer receives 30% to 50% more than the usual Fair Trade coffee prices.

We like personal contact and believe in long-term relationships, not only with our coffee drinkers but also with our suppliers. We therefore select our own plantations and in this way have direct contact with the coffee farmers. Their names are also prominently displayed on the labels of our coffee. By exchanging knowledge with them, but also by paying a fair, good price, we contribute to improving living conditions on the plantation and in the region. In this way, you can enjoy the best freshly roasted arabica coffee harvests and they can enjoy increasingly better education and housing.

Almost all BOOT coffees are organic. Of course, we strongly support working with naturally and organically certified coffee farmers. The slow growth and ripening of the coffee berries is what brings out the great flavors in the coffee. Unfortunately, fully certified organic farming is not always possible. The certification costs a lot of money for some coffee farmers while they produce beautiful coffee, this coffee we do not want to withhold from you.

Subject matter experts, who are not only experts in coffee but also have a great passion in their own field. Our team does not only consist of the visible baristas in the tasting room or the roasting masters in the roastery, but of a small dedicated, but above all enthusiastic team of coffee lovers. They, like all their predecessors, have been providing the best experience of traditionally roasted quality coffee since 1973.