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Happiness through taste - Since 1973

Barend Boot with Boot Koffie has a strong mission focused on fair coffee: to make everyone happy with the taste of coffee, to make the name of the coffee farmer known and to help with dignified living conditions on the coffee plantation. The customers of Boot Koffie know that coffee farmers in developing countries, many of whom we have a decades-long relationship with, have received a fair price. A price that enables farmers to invest in sustainable development, living conditions and the quality of the coffee. This includes productivity improvements, a clean environment, good shelter, education and better health care.

Boot Koffie has been guaranteeing the best quality coffee experience from the plantation to the cup since 1973. We strive for excellence and craftsmanship and believe that you can taste this in every cup of coffee. Boot Koffie wants to enchant you with the taste and aroma of traditionally roasted quality coffee. Barend Boot's aim is to make coffee a sensory experience: happiness through taste.

Boot Koffie sells an extensive range of traceable, single origin, 100% arabica coffee beans, artisan roasted as espresso and filter coffee, including organic naturals, organic but also special limited varieties.

Buy coffee at Boot Koffie

Since 1973, we have been roasting fairly sourced coffee every day. Happiness through taste. Taste our story.


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