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The 4 sustainability pillars of Boot

Boot Koffie stands for respect for nature, the coffee farmer and the product. We strive to make the (coffee) world a better place. In order to make it clear, we have set up 4 pillars:

1: A fair price for the farmer and quality in your cup

We import as much as possible one-to-one Direct Trade. In this way, the farmer receives 30% to 50% more than the usual Fair Trade coffee prices. We like personal contact and believe in long-term relationships, not only with our coffee drinkers but also with our suppliers. We therefore select our own plantations and in this way have direct contact with the coffee farmers. Quality improvement and mentioning the name of the coffee farmer means a better price for the farmer. Their name is therefore prominently displayed on the labels of our coffee. In exchanging knowledge with them but also by paying a fair, good price, we contribute to improving living conditions on the plantation and in the region. In this way, you can enjoy the best freshly roasted arabica coffee harvests and they can enjoy increasingly better education and housing.

2: Civic engagement
Together with MVO Nederland, we are working on the Futureproof Coffee Collective project. We support coffee farmers of the Kachalu cooperative in Colombia who are conducting a pilot with the 'True Pricing Tool'. This is a model that provides insight into what coffee costs if you do include the social and environmental costs that are made.

We think it is important that everyone is aware of the impact that a cup of coffee can make. That's why owner Barend Boot collaborated on the book: The Price of My Coffee. With the help of experts, coffee farmers and baristas, it outlines the challenges facing the coffee trade and what is needed to secure the future of coffee.

3: Respect for nature
Many BOOT coffees are organic and biologically certified, which means that there are no chemical fertilizers or chemical/synthetic pesticides are used. Unfortunately, fully certified organic farming is not always possible. The certification costs a lot of money for some coffee farmers while they produce wonderful coffee.

We believe it is important that our coffee farmers also treat nature with respect, beyond the coffee plants. Take the Hartmann family, for example: The Birdsong coffee they produce owes its name to the many birds that nest on the plantation, including in the coffee bushes. More than 280 species have been spotted by birdwatchers! Many coffee farmers have forests with many varieties of trees in addition to the plantation.

4: Waste-free
All of our packaging is 100% recyclable. To maintain the freshness of coffee, an aluminum film or a layer of evaporated aluminum is used in many coffee packages. These materials are not recyclable and therefore have to be disposed of in the residual waste. With our packaging, we use a more environmentally friendly material that is very good at preserving freshness and is recyclable. During the high-profile 'Nordic World of Coffee' in Gothenburg (Sweden), this packaging won the award for the New Packaging Solution. The packaging was also nominated in 2016 for the NL Packaging Award in the consumer innovation category.

All departments at Boot also pay attention to waste. We have this collected, picked up and recycled separately.