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Frequently asked questions about the webshop and the way we work Boot Koffie


How do I place an order?
Click here for an explanation of ordering on our website. Still can't figure it out? We are happy to help, please contact or +31 35 54 171 78 Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

In what ways can I pay?
Several payment options are available: iDEAL, Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) and Paypal. Whichever method you choose, you are guaranteed to pay safely. All prices in the store are listed including VAT.

What are the shipping costs?
View the overview of all shipping costs for the countries we ship to.

What is the delivery time?
From Monday to Friday the following applies: 'Order today before 14:00, delivery tomorrow'. If you order during the weekend, you will receive your order no later than the following Tuesday. We do everything we can to deliver all orders to you within the expected delivery time. The availability and delivery of the orders we can not guarantee in all cases. For orders to Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg delivery times of 3 working days apply.

The coffee I want to order has run out, when will it be available again?
Unfortunately, it may happen that a coffee is (temporarily) out of stock. We offer the possibility to receive an update when the coffee is back in stock. To do so, please leave your email address with the relevant coffee. If a coffee is no longer available, we will be happy to advise you on a different, suitable coffee.

Can I have my order delivered on another day?
This is possible, place on the payment page under comments the desired day. We will then ensure that the package is delivered at the right time.

Can I pick up my order at a ServicePoint?
That's possible, there is always a Service Point near you. On the checkout page, select the shipping method of your choice.

Can I cancel my order?
Did you accidentally place the wrong order? Please send an email to quoting the order number to cancel the order.

Can I provide a different delivery address than the billing address?
Yes, at the delivery address option uncheck the box "My billing and delivery address are the same" at the bottom. You will now be given the option to fill in a different delivery address. Your order will be delivered to the delivery address.

How can I change my information?
You can easily change your email address, password and address information.
- Log in to your account and click on: my account in the top left corner.
- Then easily modify the data by clicking edit.

Can I see the shipping status of my package?
A confirmation with track & trace code will automatically be sent to the email address provided.

I ordered but did not receive a confirmation, did it go well?
Not received an email? Maybe the confirmation ended up in your junk mail. Is the confirmation email not in there as well? Then please contact us via 

Is there a warranty on your products?
For all items you buy from us, the legal warranty applies. This means that an item must be in good condition and function properly under normal use. If you receive an article where this is not the case, we provide you free of charge and as soon as possible with an appropriate solution. If you have received a defective item then you can report this to us within 7 days of receipt of your order. Depending on the article we do this by replacement, repair or refund. Look at returns how you can reach us.

In addition to the legal warranty, a manufacturer's warranty applies to certain items. A manufacturer's warranty is an additional warranty given by the importer or manufacturer. The manufacturer or importer may set its own conditions for this warranty. More information about the manufacturer's warranty can be found in the documentation of the product. If you have a question or complaint about your product we advise you to contact the manufacturer or importer directly. If your warranty has expired we recommend you to contact the manufacturer for the possibilities.

If you do have any questions, we will be happy to assist you by phone (Tel. +31 35 54 171 78) during office hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Outside office hours you can use the contact form or send an e-mail to . You will hear from us as soon as possible.

Can I also return coffee/tea?
We can unfortunately not take back fresh products, given the shelf life. If something is not right with the quality we will come up with an appropriate solution. Please contact, please specify which coffee it is and the 8-digit code from under the package.


Can I get help choosing my coffee?
Do you like spicy coffee, or more fruity flavors? Check out our flavor table to easily see which coffee is right for you. For all beginning coffee drinkers, we recommend ordering our introductory package.

What grind should I enter?
Which type of coffee grind you need depends on the brewing method you use. We always recommend grinding the beans at home to prevent a significant part of the aromas from evaporating. Would you prefer your beans to be ground already? Choose a suitable grind or indicate your machine type for advice from one of our experts.

How long will my roasted coffee last?
Many coffee beans (especially the "washed/washed" variety), after being freshly roasted, remain optimal in quality for up to eight to ten weeks. After that, first of all, the aroma experience of this "washed" coffee decreases. Surprisingly, the taste of the coffee can be great even after those ten weeks.

Many taste tests have shown that the taste of our coffee beans in the special Boot packaging with the 'bean' valve remains very good for up to six months after roasting. This is because it is "specialty" coffee. Resting helps to balance the flavors of our specialty coffee beans even more.

With coffee beans that are produced unwashed using the so-called "honey" or natural methods, the situation is different again. These coffee beans "ripen" even more after roasting in the container and then reach their balance of aroma and flavor by resting. This can be after the second or third week after roasting up to and including the twelfth week after roasting.

Where do I find the burn date on the package?
The roasting date can be found at the bottom of all our packaging. The top code indicates the roast date and can be read from left to right in 2 digit increments:
- Day of the month
- Month of the year
- The year-
Article code of the coffee

Where do I find the expiration date on the bean packaging?
Below the roast date is the expiration date, for this we keep 7 months after roasting. Coffee cannot eventually spoil, but it can become less intense in aroma and taste. Even after six months after roasting, Boot coffee will still taste good, but will no longer be top notch.

What is the best way to store the coffee?
We recommend that you store the coffee in the original Boot packaging, or in an airtight canister, in a cool and dry place. Press the closing strip on the Boot 250 gram package firmly shut. Do you use a Boot kilo bag? Then roll the kilo bag up to where the beans are and put a clamp on it. Wash out an airtight canister regularly to remove old odors. Make sure the coffee does not come into contact with other foods or moisture, as it absorbs odors quickly.

Is it a good idea to grind coffee at home?
An excellent idea! The outside of the bean is the best protective jacket. When you grind coffee, the natural protective mantle of the beans is broken down and delicious aromas are released. Therefore, always grind the coffee just before brewing and only the amount you need.

What is the best brewing method?
There are many different ways to brew coffee. Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy our coffee to the fullest, we have explained many of the brewing methods in words and pictures. For this, see:

How do I best store brewed coffee?
If you want to store freshly brewed filter coffee, do so in a preheated, airtight sealed thermos. Certainly do not leave it on a hot plate because of the acids or bitters that are released! In our webshop we have a nice assortment of Travel Mugs, see above:


Is Boot working on sustainability?
Virtually all BOOT coffees are organic and organically grown. Our coffee farmers use natural fertilizers and often maintain shade forests next to the plantation. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we do everything we can to reduce our CO2 emissions and waste. We are currently working on a separate page on sustainability, coming soon! 

How is decaf produced?
Because we get a lot of questions about decaffeinating our coffees, we wrote a blog about the process. For this, see: How is coffee decaffeinated?

How can I repeat my order?

Why are the Boot capsules not sustainable?
Tests have shown that the capsules we currently use provide the best taste: the capsules have no aftertaste, the coffee has a long shelf life and the cups do not get stuck in the Nespresso machines. We are aiming for 100% compostable capsules in the future, however the technology is not yet at the point where the capsules are 100% biodegradable*. We are doing research on home compostable capsules: cups that are home biodegradable and therefore 100% good for the environment!

*'Biodegradable capsules' are in practice only industrially degradable. The capsules are filtered out of the GFT and incinerated.

Will there be new variants of the Boot coffee capsules?
We are very happy to see that the reactions to the Boot coffee capsules are positive. We are currently testing new varieties: decaf, stronger variants or a limited edition? Stay tuned!

Do the Boot coffee capsules fit in my Nespresso machine?
Yes, our coffee cups are compatible with all standard Nespresso machines except the Vertuo and certain Nespresso machines.

Does Boot also sell gift certificates?
Boot sells gift certificates for the shop/webshop and for the workshops. Click here for further information

Where is Boot Koffie served?
In addition to our own (web) store, we work with many different hospitality entrepreneurs and retailers. Click here for outlets in your area.

Is the website also available in German?
We are currently working on a German version of our site. However, there is already a short page where visitors from Germany can go, click on this link.