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Filter Coffee Making Guide

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What type of coffee?
The quality and taste of coffee is determined not only by the brewing method, but also by the type of coffee you choose. Is it arabica, of what varieties, or does it also have bitter robusta in it? What country is the coffee from, what region, what estate? Or is it a blend from different countries? Do you like dark roasted beans or a lighter roasted bean or something in between? Start experimenting with different varieties and countries of origin. With Boot's specialty filter coffees, you can build momentum. Start with the 100% arabica Colombia, Panamaria, Ethiopia and Sumatra. On the Boot website, you can read about the main types of flavors and the background of the coffee farmer under the coffee variety name. The packaging of these coffees also lists some of the main characteristics of the flavor.

There are some rules that you follow when brewing coffee. This way you will achieve the perfect cup of coffee with the best possible quality.

Clean coffee
makerClean your machine after each use. Clean with clean, warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Coffee deposits impart bitter taste, so make sure all coffee deposits are removed.

Use freshly roasted specialty coffee beans

Freshly roasted is important to enjoy your filter coffee. Preferably, we recommend using your filter coffee within six weeks of roasting. Depending on the variety and the packaging method, the coffee bean will give off the highest flavor experiences within that period. Specialty coffee is of such a different order of flavor than average, medium-grade coffee that - if packaged properly - it can still taste great up to and including six months after roasting. Boot coffee has done a lot of trials with this with its own varieties, and Boot coffee's packaging (European award in 2015) ensures a high shelf life.

Coffee grind and grinding degreeIt

is best to grind yourself shortly before brewing the coffee. The coffee bean is actually an 'aroma bomb'. In the hours after roasting, the cells on the outside of the bean close down and the hundreds of aromas lock into the bean. If the bean is ground into small grains, then - in contact with air - many subtle coffee aromas are released during the first 5 minutes. Shortly after grinding, 40% of these subtle scents have already been absorbed into the air. They no longer end up in the cup.

For filter coffee, use a medium grind, not too fine (espresso) and not too coarse either. When you feel the grains between your fingers, it should not be a powdery feel but a fraction coarser grain like something coarser than standard table salt.

You can also buy ground filter coffee from Boot in the coffee shop or in the Boot web store. Then don't buy more than you use in 2 weeks and always put the sealed container in a cool place.

If you're not sure how to start email us with your questions. With the quick-filter machine, it is good if the coffee (when using whole pot) is made in 4 to 6 minutes maximum. Half a pot will be ready in 3 to 4 minutes. When the coffee is brewed, pour it out immediately or store the brewed coffee in a thermos.

Coffee GrinderThere
are coffee grinders available in different price ranges for good filter coffee. You can choose hand grinders like the simple Tiamo (other name for this is Hario Skerton) or a widely purchased and acclaimed electric grinder like the Solis Scala 166 (it is the same as the Sage brand). The much more expensive Baratza Vario BA886 grinds very accurately and easily for both filter coffee and espresso coffee. At the Boot coffee shop, you can get solid advice, taste and try them out.

The coffee filter
Before making coffee, rinse the coffee filter paper with hot water. This will remove subtle paper flavors and less coffee flavor will remain in the paper and get into your cup.

Quality of waterThe
water used is very important for the quality of coffee. If the water from the tap has an unnatural taste (e.g. chlorine or a lot of iron), use bottled water (e.g. spa), but not distilled water. . This is because the composition of the water with minerals, etc., affects the taste. Use cold water.

Ratio of coffee to water - To measure is to know.
This will make it very easy for you to get your favorite coffee recipe right every time. Use a kitchen scale and measure your amount of coffee and water, and use a kitchen stopwatch when you turn on the button of the filter coffee machine. This way you will also know the time it takes to brew the coffee.

The ratio depends on personal taste. With the Moccamaster and the Espressions Junior, we recommend between 60 grams and 70 grams of coffee per liter of water (1000 grams of water = about 8 cups). Always measure coffee and water and if you experiment, write down the units you use. This way you can improve the result next time. If the coffee tastes too strong, use slightly fewer grams, and if it tastes too weak for your taste, use slightly more grams.

Brewing time
Another important factor for the perfect coffee is the time the water is in contact with coffee grounds. When preparing filter coffee, the optimal brewing time is 5-6 minutes. A longer period means that more bitter substances are "washed out". If the brewing time is too short, there is a chance that the flavouring substances have not been sufficiently extracted.

When the coffee has been brewed, pour it out immediately or store the brewed coffee in a thermos.

After the coffee is brewedIt
is best to pour the coffee into a preheated cup and pour the rest of the coffee directly into a thermos.

Taste differently, happiness through tasteA
perfectly prepared cup of coffee is drunk just as it was prepared. Take a moment to enjoy the aroma above the cup, take a sip to perceive and absorb the flavor. What flavors of body and darker tones and fruit notes and fruit acids all come along? And what is the story of the farmer? Write down your taste experience and adjust your recipe if necessary!

Taste different, taste our story, happiness through taste!

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