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Brazil Santos Espresso

Nuts, caramel & stone fruit


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Coffee type:100% Arabica: Yellow Catuai, Pulped Natural
Country of origin:Brasilien
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Product Information


Flavor Indication:

Nuts, caramel & stone fruit.

Brewing method:

Suitable for espresso pitcher, espresso machine, full automatic, iced and with milk.

Meet the coffee farmer:

Coffee farmer: Clovis and Mara Zugliani
Coffee: Brazil Santos
Plantation: Fazenda Sao Francisco da Bela Vista
Location: Mantiqueira de Minas, Carmo de Minas

The Coffee Farmer:
In the year 1993, Tarcízio, a passionate coffee farmer, took the Fazenda Sao Francisco da Bela Vista plantation under his wing. Over the years, Tarcízio has made numerous changes with dedication and love for the trade to improve coffee production.

One of the first steps taken by Tarcízio was the construction of drying terraces specifically designed for coffee production. He also invested in advanced processing equipment and drying mills to increase the efficiency of the plantation. With a vision of the future, Tarcízio replanted the farm with young seedlings. He did this with the goal of increasing productivity and improving the quality of coffee beans.

To optimize coffee cultivation methods, Tarcízio conducted soil analyses. Based on these analyses, he was able to determine specific cultivation methods for the coffee and further improve plantation efficiency. All these steps contributed to an increased overall quality of coffee production. This resulted in the production of the Yellow Catuai Pulped Natural lot, known for its classic cupping profile with mild acidity, undertones of yellow fruit, chocolate and good body.

In 2023, life took another turn and coffee farmer Tarcízio died. His daughter Mara and son-in-law Clovis took over the plantation. They remain true to Tarcízio's vision and continue his legacy by producing quality coffee at the Fazenda Sao Francisco da Bela Vista plantation.

The plantation and coffee:
The plantation is located in Carmo de Minas, in the Mantiqueira de Minas region, at an altitude of 1,200 m. The farm and coffee plantation are over 140 years old and were created when the area was cleared for coffee planting in the 19th century. 30% of the farm is a native forest conservation area. Dozens of native trees, mostly hardwoods, grow there, making it home to many birds, including caracaras, toucans and parrots.

The location is ideal for an Arabica coffee plantation because of the optimal soil, altitude and climate. The farm has forests, bees, animal husbandry and sustainable management, which complement each other to produce high quality coffee. Berry separation and de-pulping is done mechanically. There is a system for decanting the water used to wash the coffee, after which the water can be reused to irrigate the sludge as an organic fertilizer. The farm is fully powered by solar panels and drying is done by burning straw and on drying beds where the sun does its work. Thus, no fossil fuels are used.

COCARIVE is an organization that supports farmers in all aspects of the production chain. Their team of agronomists and technical experts helps with cultivation techniques, machinery, storage and ultimately the commercialization of the beans.

Sustenta+ is a collaboration between COCARIVE and AgroCP, a fertilizer company focused on renewable fertilizers.

Sustenta+ is a new certification that COCARIVE member farmers can achieve by focusing on environmentally friendly coffee production techniques.

The name "Brazil Santos.
Santos is not the name of a plantation, but of the port city through which most of Brazil's coffee harvests are exported to Europe.

Characterful, passionate and challenging are some of the distinctive traits of the Brazilian people, which also perfectly match the characteristics of the Brazil Santos Espresso. A very exuberant flavor feast in your coffee cup. A wonderful coffee that is a permanent fixture in the BOOT Coffee range for good reason.

Download the coffee sheet:

Coffee sheet (PDF)