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Boot Bio Blend Organic Espresso

Chocolate, dried fruit, cane sugar & light citrus


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Coffee type:100% Arabica: Washed & Semi Washed
Country of origin:Mischung
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Product Information

2020 / 2021.

Flavor Indication:

Chocolate, dried fruit, cane sugar & light citrus.

Brewing Method:

Espresso machine, espresso pitcher, iced and with milk.

The Boot Bio Blend Organic is a powerful coffee. We use our Colombia Kachalu, 85+ coffee as a base and to that is added our Sumatra Organic. This gives the coffee more body. Delicious as an espresso and therefore also perfect for coffee with milk recipes such as a cappuccino. This coffee appeals to many people because it is so beautifully balanced and versatile.

Barend: "The taste is like a spicy liquid bonbon with flavor notes of chocolate and lime. Sensational!"

A blend is created by blending multiple coffees. Our roaster and quality controller worked closely together to create this blend. The perfect blend can only be created by experimenting with the proportions and, of course, by tasting a lot. To our taste, this has been done particularly well with this blend, which is now available as an espresso roast. Below you can read more about the individual varieties used.

This beautiful organic blend from Boot consists of coffee from 2 different countries: Colombia and Sumatra.


This 85+ coffee comes from the Kachalu cooperative in the district of Santander and is grown by dozens of coffee farmers. The Kachalu farmers' organization includes more than 100 small coffee farmers who work together in the region of Santander, in northeastern Colombia. The organization was started in 1999. It is thus one of the first projects of the Colombian coffee farmers' organization FNC. The main objective: to grow organic coffee in combination with care for the rainforest and a decent coffee price for the individual coffee farmers. Boot Koffie has been working with the cooperative since 2005.

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This layered 85+ coffee (SCA score) is grown by small farmers under shade trees in the areas of Bies, Gegarang, Jagong and Bintang. From Bies near Lake Tawar comes most of the coffee. 75% of the smallholder coffee farmers are women producers, affiliated with the Ketiara Kopeipi cooperative.

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Coffee sheet (PDF)  BOOT Coffee Brew Guide (PDF)