Organic Food & Drink
The beautiful Amelisweerd estate in Bunnik is home to a true culinary treasure: De Veldkeuken. Founded in 1999 by Juliette Borggreve and René van der Veer, this restaurant began as a modest bike cart serving homemade treats for hikers. Today, De Veldkeuken has grown into a thriving organic restaurant with its own bakery, meeting room and estate store. With a 100% EKO catering seal of approval, The Field Kitchen uses only local and organic ingredients for their delicious breakfasts, lunches, cakes and appetizers. The ingredients often come directly from Amelisweerd's centuries-old vegetable garden. The Field Kitchen cooks fresh daily with the harvest of the vegetable garden. You can taste this in the every other week changing Harvest Table Dinner. The bread is traditionally baked in their own nearby bakery.

From the very first cup of coffee, The Field Kitchen has chosen BOOT's organically certified coffee. This also underscores their commitment to quality, taste and sustainability. Enjoy a cup of Ethiopia Organic Espresso or Filter Coffee on the summer patio or after a delicious meal.

Discover the magic of this unique place, where love of good food and drink merges with respect for nature and craft.

the Field Kitchen
Kings Avenue 11
3981 HD Bunnik