For many, coffee is just an everyday drink, a quick pick-me-up to get through the day. For me, coffee is much more than that. It is an art, a ritual and sometimes even a chemistry experiment. Here it is important to take the time for coffee, as in Slow Coffee, all attention when brewing the coffee. Then it becomes a moment of "not having to do anything" and pure relaxation. A coffee that fits this perfectly is the Panamaria Filter, delicate and with flavor notes of orange, caramel and apricot.

Unlike the speed of the espresso machine, the convenience of coffee cups or the versatility of a full automatic, filter coffee requires patience and attention. With the kettle on, I begin grinding the coffee with a hand grinder. I hear the coffee beans crunch and crackle until they are finely ground. It takes a little longer, but I love the feeling of grinding the coffee beans by hand, hearing the sound and being tantalized by the aromas released. Then comes the pouring of hot water over the ground coffee, slowly and with precision. This ensures that all the beautiful flavors of the Panamaria are released.

The preparation of filter coffee can be done with different brewing methods, such as the classic Chemex, the Hario V60 or a French Press. Each brewing method has its unique characteristics, but gives you full control over the brewing process. For example, you can play with the grind of the coffee beans or the temperature of the water. Experiment and taste how you prefer to brew the Panamaria Filter.

Happiness through Taste
Stefan Heuvelmans, barista

Filter coffee recipe

- Brewing method: Hario V60
- Coffee: 15 grams
- Water: 250 grams / 96 degrees
- Brewing time: 2.45 minutes
- Grind: medium-fine
- Recipe: Grind 15 grams of coffee slightly finer than you would normally do for filter coffee. Then pour a small amount of water over the coffee so that the coffee will "bloom. This will be about 50 grams. Then pour the rest of the water in two pours over the coffee in a circular motion.

Iced coffee recipe

- Brewing method: Clever Dripper
- Coffee: 24.5 grams
- Water: 200 grams / 96 degrees
- Ice cubes: 150 grams
- Grind level: medium
- Brewing time: 4.00 minutes
- Recipe: brew the filter coffee with the Clever Dripper. Instead of using 350 grams of hot water, use 200 grams of hot water and brew the coffee over 150 grams of ice cubes. When the coffee runs through, the ice melts and you get the perfect and delicate iced coffee (flash brew).

Affogato recipe

- Brewing method: Espresso
- Espresso: 18 grams in, 42 grams out in 26 seconds
- Recipe: Scoop a large scoop of ice cream into a small glass, pour a single espresso over it. Simple, but oh so delicious!