Coffee of the Month April 2024 - Panama Birdsong Espresso & Panamaria Filter

Last month, our master roaster and coffee buyer Rick Maas visited our Panamanian coffee farmers. During his search for the finest coffee, there was also a lot of personal contact with the coffee farmers, the pickers and the families who live on and off the coffee plantations. Reason enough to highlight two Panamanian coffees as this month's coffee of the month.
So this month you can drink the Panama Birdsong Espresso and Panamaria filter extra cheaply and we share the story behind the coffee. In the world of coffee, Panama may not be well known, but if you are looking for a high-quality and complex coffee with lots of sweetness, Panama is a worthwhile discovery.

Panama Birdsong Espresso

The Hartmann family is one of the pioneers of specialty coffee production in Panama. Alois Strasil Hartmann (born in 1891 in the Moravia region, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire) emigrated to Panama. His son Ratibor Hartmann laid the foundation for Finca Hartmann in 1940. Finca Hartmann is a 3rd and 4th generation family business. All family members are passionately involved in running the finca. They each perform different functions in the growth, production and promotion of the coffee plantation. Coffee for them is a way of life, their culture together with family and a lot of love.

Panamaria Filter

Ricardo Koyner is the third generation to run the Kotowa plantation. Around 1900, no one lived in the mountainous area of Boquete. Ricardo's grandfather, a Canadian who married a Panamanian, settled there. In doing so, he founded this successful company that produces the finest coffees. Ricardo bases his operations on an integral quality idea, where the overall quality is based on three pillars: the coffee, dealing with the environment and caring for people.

Tasting coffee from Panama is an experience in itself. Its rich flavors and aromas will delight even the most discerning coffee lovers. All month long we are serving the Panama Birdsong Espresso in the Boot Koffie store, intense and sweet as espresso and velvety smooth in a cappuccino. We also serve Panamaria Filter with the Clever Dripper with the recipe below, Fun to try at home too!

Recipe Panamaria Filter

Coffee: 18 grams of coffee
Water: 220 grams / 96 ˚C
Grind: medium to fine
Brewing time: 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Happiness by taste.
Stefan Heuvelmans, barista