Last week BOOT Coffee won the LEF award! This is awarded annually by the Society (for our Eemland department) - Netherlands Society for Industry and Commerce. Societal challenges are of all times. People who dedicate themselves to solving those problems fortunately also. De Maatschappij has been the breeding ground for initiatives for the common good since 1777. A network of independent thinkers and doers who want more. More for another.
With this in mind, Jacob BOOT started his company in 1973 and Barend Boot in the Netherlands and his brother Willem Boot in the U.S.A. and various coffee countries, continued this way of thinking. That was and remains entrepreneurship with lots of challenges and guts!

A nomination like this should be embraced, because.... We would not be where we are today if not for ourselves and all those collaborations with other entrepreneurs with LEF. Coffee farmers, hospitality venues, stores, as well as fellow coffee roasters and, of course, our BOOT colleagues! All people who are like-minded in their thoughts towards the common good for people and the world. They inspire and motivate us daily and keep us on our toes. And yesterday we won this award! It is good to reflect on that, whether you receive such an award or not. Just a nomination leaves you hanging over your business to see what LEF is really about. It's about continuing with our own LEF. BOOT Coffee wants to continue to read the market differently, dares to doubt, can take risk, is flexible, and will pay attention to the details to start achieving its goals!

A big thank you to everyone who works with us and drinks BOOT Coffee!

Also watch the speech by Mayor Mark Roëll and Barend Boot: