Coffee of the Month May 2024 - Boot Bio Blend & Colombia Filter
Jacob Boot was a pioneer when it comes to Single Origin coffee; coffee from one country and often even from one plantation. This way you taste the unique characteristics of the country of origin and the area in which the coffee grows. Single Origin has become increasingly important in the world of coffee in recent years. Thus, coffee lovers have been able to develop a preference for, say, a spicy coffee from Indonesia or a fruity coffee from Panama.

Yet we must not forget the art of blending! Coffee blends combine different types of coffee beans to create a nice balance in the coffee. For example, the Bio Blend has the best of both worlds, the sweet notes of chocolate and dried fruit of the Colombia Kachalu and the intensity and body of the Indonesia Sumatra. The result is a beautifully balanced and powerful coffee.

A blend is created by blending multiple coffees. Our roast master and quality controller worked closely together during the creation of this blend. The perfect blend can only be created by experimenting a lot with the proportions and, of course, by tasting a lot. To our taste, we succeeded particularly well with this blend, which is now available as an espresso roast.

The beauty of this coffee is that both the coffee from Colombia and the coffee from Indonesia are certified organic. The Boot Bio Blend Organic is delicious as an espresso and therefore also perfect for coffee with milk such as a cappuccino. The coffee has flavor notes of chocolate, dried fruit, cane sugar and light citrus.

In the words of Barend Boot:
"The taste is like a tangy liquid bonbon with flavor notes of chocolate and lime. Sensational!"

Recipe Boot Bio Blend Organic
In the store, we brew the Bio Blend as an espresso. For this we use 17.5 grams of coffee for a double espresso of 42 grams brewed in 24 or 25 seconds. You can taste the coffee throughout the month of May at the Boot Koffie store in Baarn.

Happiness by Taste.
Stefan Heuvelmans, barista